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CAHNference Bytes

CAHN’s Educational Video Series.  Free for CAHN members.

Mar 2021Workplace Resiliency and Mental Health. Click to view the recorded presentation.

Nov 2021Building a Community-Engaged Research Program: A Fireside Chat with Bernadette and Kate from The Toronto Community Hep C Program. Click to view the recorded presentation.

April 2022 A Case-Based Discussion of Ascites Management with Sarah De Coutere and Lindsay Myles is the first “Byte” in the four-part series on the management of decompensated cirrhosis.

June 2022A Case-Based Discussion on the Management of Hepatic Encephalopathy with Stephanie Tiffin and Elizabeth Lee.

Make sure to check out the corresponding Cirrhosis Learning Guide found on the page linked above.  

CAHN Presentation Video Library

A collection of recorded presentations from recent CAHN conferences.

CAHN Nurse Tools

Hepatitis C Nurse Education Tool
Created by CAHN – Lesley Gallagher, and Donna Zukowski. A nurse working with a patient infected with Hep C may walk through these 8 modules with his/her patient to ensure a shared understanding of the disease, treatment options, and post-treatment continued health.

Other Educational Resources

CATIE offers open online courses through to build knowledge of HIV and hepatitis C science.
Courses are self-directed and are designed for service providers who prefer to learn on their own time and at their own pace. All participants receive a certificate of completion. Available in English and French at

The Wellness Toolbox is a collection of resources for patients living with a chronic disease, friends & family, and their healthcare practitioners and holds a ton of resources to help patients living with Cirrhosis.

The content has been created by a large team of physicians, nurses, allied health providers and patient partners as part of the Cirrhosis Care Alberta project. Our mission is to improve the quality of care for all patients with cirrhosis. New content will be added every week!