Member Engagement – How you can shape the future of CAHN

1) Participate in our member survey

Thank you to all our members who have taken time to chat with Anna, our membership west rep. She has received some very informative feedback that will be useful in the development of future education and initiatives. Your suggestions and opinions are helping to shape CAHN’s direction. We are listening and there will be some changes announced at the upcoming AGM. If you are interested in participating in our informal phone survey, please email

2) Send us your ideas for educational topics

Make sure to complete the survey from the Canadian Liver Meeting to provide your suggestions. Our Conference Planning Committee and Regional Event Chair use these suggestions to plan speakers and topics for the following year. Of course, you may also reach out to us at anytime by emailing

3) Run for President or Board of Director

Consider putting your name forward for CAHN President or for a Board of Director. Nominees will be elected at the upcoming AGM (May 26 in Montreal). If you’re interested in running, please click here. We know sometimes volunteering for a position like this can seem overwhelming. Hear what Liza Abraham & Mary Guyton, two of our newer board members, had to say about their experience so far.

Interviewer: Hi Mary and Liza. Thanks for taking time to participate in this interview.

Mary: We hope that it will encourage other members to consider these positions at CAHN.   We want to let everyone know that these positions are open to all members of CAHN and want members to understand that these roles are accessible to every skill level and experience level. It’s a great way to learn and develop leadership. 

Liza: We’re excited by the opportunity for new members to join and bring differing experiences, new ideas and different clinical focuses and personal experiences.  We hope that those who join the CAHN Board of Directors will experience what we did of an amazing opportunity to impact policies at a national level, exciting networking opportunities,  and opportunities to learn alongside Hepatology nursing leaders.

Interviewer: How long have you been on the board?

Mary: I’ve only been on the board a year!  I  started in the Spring of 2018

Liza: I served as conference co-chair in 2016 then began as a board member in 2017.

Interviewer: What drew you to be on the board? 

Mary: I had had several conversations with Liza and Shannon Taylor about the exciting work they were doing on the BOD and Executive Team.  I was interested in participating in CAHN’s educational initiatives.  I discussed this with Donna and she encouraged me to consider a BOD position. It was her encouragement that gave me the confidence to run for office.  I am so appreciative to all those folks as I am so enjoying my time on the BOD. 

Liza: Since becoming a nurse, and a CAHN member, I always wanted to be a CAHN leader,  but I was afraid to put myself forward. Then someone volunteered me from conference co-chair to board. Colleagues having faith in my ability to take that step was the push I needed. Now that I’m in the role I see it’s not so intimidating.

Interviewer: What is the coolest part of being on the board?

Mary: It is the ability to enact change within a national organization and have a direct impact on the direction and priorities of the organization in meaningful ways while learning skills and leadership experience.  We also get to meet up 2 or 3 times per year.

Liza: You get to see the inner workings; work behind the scenes.  There is flexibility in terms of what you can do.

Interviewer: What does the commitment look like?

Mary:  We meet in person 2 or 3 times each year for a 1 or 2-day meeting. We also participate in 1-hour monthly telephone meetings and at these meetings, you can volunteer to take on projects based on capacity, interest and expertise.

Liza: Some of the commitment depends on what roles you take on within the board. It’s also important to be able to respond to urgent emails since a lot of times action is dependant on board approval.

Interviewer: What is CAHN doing to support new BOD members?

Mary: Once I had joined the BOD, Liza met with me to answer my many questions and to support me through onboarding.  We are trying to incorporate this mentorship model for incoming members.

Liza:  We have created a welcome package and this year will be having a special intro meeting after the AGM. Feedback of the onboarding process from new members is so valuable. Every year it improves a little more and this year CAHN is focused on BOD wellness and burnout prevention.

If you are interested in volunteering to be on CAHN’s BOD, we would be happy to talk more about the role and answer your questions in person at the CLM or via phone or email.

Annual General Meeting

May 26, 2019, in Montreal, from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM Eastern time. Click here to read the minutes from our 2018 AGM.

Attend in person, electronically or by proxy

In person: Located at the Hotel Bonaventure in Montréal. Room number to be confirmed. A buffet breakfast will be served at 7:00 AM. Sign-in to ensure travel reimbursement!

Electronically: For those who cannot attend in person and who are not attending the CLM, you may participate electronically. Please send an email to by end-of-day May 19. Instructions will be emailed to you by May 23.

Proxy: Proxy voting works by enabling Members who are entitled to vote but are not able to attend the AGM in person to appoint another Member as their Proxy who will attend the meeting to vote on their behalf. If the appointed Member does not attend the vote(s) will not be cast. To appoint a Member to be your Proxy send a notification email to by
end-of-day May 19.

Membership Dues – Rules and Deadlines

CAHN is eager to ensure education is readily accessible to all hepatology nurses who seek it. As such, it is with great satisfaction that we announce the following. As of today any member in good standing will be eligable to receive the travel reimbursement benefit. Members no longer need to have a two-year status.

We hope that those who joined late in 2018 will understand that we are unable to refund 2018 membership dues since the 2018 auditor’s report has been filed. We trust you will find value in our new policy and we thank you for your support.

For Regional Events, you must be a member in good standing prior to travel. For the National Conference (the CLM) you must be a member in good standing one week before (May 19) the AGM (May 26) so that we know our quorum number in advance. Please see our updated Conference Travel Policy.

Renewal notices will continue to be sent in October of each year. We encourage members to renew before Jan 15th as having a high membership number helps us to gain sponsorship. Those who renew late will still be eligible for travel reimbursement as long they meet the new policy deadlines stated above.

Please share this newsletter with your colleagues so they make take advantage of our new policy. Use the Become a Member form if you are a new member or if your membership has lapsed and you’d like to re-join.

Canadian Liver Meeting – Nurse Roadmap

The Canadian Liver Meeting is an exciting event with lots of concurrent sessions, networking opportunities, and industry events. To help you navigate your weekend we’ve put together this CLM Nurse Roadmap which highlights CAHN’s program and events planned for nurses. Please make sure to visit the Canadian Liver Meeting website to see the full program as there are many options you may choose to enjoy. Locations will be posted closer to the event. A print out of CAHN’s program will be available at the registration desk.

Friday, May 24

  • 17:30-18:30 – CLM opening + Blueprint to Inform a Hepatitis C Elimination Strategy
  • 18:30-19:10 – CLM Reception (Wine & Cheese)
  • 19:15 – Buffet Dinner followed by The Clock is Ticking – Key Initiatives to Eliminate HCV by 2030 (starting at 19:45). Please RSVP at

Saturday, May 25

  • 09:20-09:25 – Welcome – Donna Zukowski (CAHN president)
  • 09:25-09:50 – Nutrition in liver disease: Practical counselling tips – Chantal Bemeur RD, PhD
  • 09:50-10:15 – Hepatic encephalopathy: Nursing intervention – Elizabeth Lee NP 
  • 15:30-16:30 – HCV Models of Care Among Priority Populations: Nursing Practice and Pearls
    • Prison System – Dennaye Fuchs, RN, Saskatchewan Health Authority, SK
    • Supervised Injection/Overdose Prevention – Bernadette Lettner, RN & Kate Mason, South Riverdale Community Health Centre, Toronto, ON
    • Northern Indigenous Communities – To be confirmed
    • Homeless – Jacqueline Atkinson, NP, Mobile Outreach Street Health, Halifax, NS
    • Newcomer HCV Linkage – To be confirmed
  • 16:30-17:00 – The next liver disease of focus: Alcohol or NASH? – David Wong, MD vs Ed Tam, MD

Sunday, May 26

  • 07:00 – 07:30 – CAHN Member Buffet Breakfast
  • 07:30 – 09:30 – CAHN Annual General Meeting
  • 09:30 – 10:30 – CAHN Executive Meeting
  • for New President & BOD

Remember to register for the Friday night buffet dinner and presentation by using this link –>

Click here to register for the CLM. Early Bird registration ends Monday, March 18! Joint CAHN/CASL members receive complimentary registration. Click here to learn more.

Other Upcoming Events

Fundamentals of Liver Disease in Primary Care (FLDPC)

A CME program for Primary Care Clinicians. – April 6, 2019, at the BMO Education & Conference Centre at Toronto Western Hospital. This half-day program is only $20, and will offer case-based and interactive learning on three main topic areas – assessment of liver enzymes, viral hepatitis and fatty liver.  Email for more information and to register for the event.

April 27, 2019, in Vancouver. For people who are living with liver disease, their family and caregivers.

The Autoimmune Liver Disease Symposium

A Primer for Practicing Physicians – June 7, 2019 in Toronto. Learn more at

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