COVID-19 Pandemic; a message from CAHN’s Board of Directors and Executive Team

As you are all aware, our global community is facing a COVID-19 pandemic. Canada’s federal and provincial leaders and the Ministry of Health ministers, along with provincial health officers and/or medical directors and health care advisors, are continually updating us with information regarding this public health crisis.

Many of our members and their colleagues are patient-facing health care workers. As COVID-19 continues to spread, these health care professionals are working to keep Canadians safe and healthy. They also face the highest risk of becoming infected themselves, and subsequently, infecting their own families!

CAHN, as an organization, wishes to thank all of you for your incredible dedication to your profession! We know you will all be facing many added stresses, both professionally and in your personal lives, but know you will embrace these challenges with courage, competence and conviction. Please look after yourselves, follow all necessary precautions, stay safe and, above all, healthy. We send our best wishes to everyone for the coming days, weeks, and probably months of evolving changes. You are our most precious assets in this pandemic – the public cannot be protected without you!

Atlantic Liver Nurse Meeting & The Autumn Update in Vancouver

Due to COVID-19, the Atlantic Liver Nurse Meeting in Halifax has been postponed with tentative dates planned for Oct 23 & 24. Dates for this event as well as Falling for CAHN -The Autumn Update will be determined as the situation unfolds.

Click here for the preliminary agenda.

NEW Apply for an International Presentation Travel Grant (IPTG)

IPTG provides CAHN members with financial support to travel to an international conference where they have been accepted or invited to present.

Visit for more information.

NEW Membership Invitation and Exit Survey

The new Invitation to Join CAHN can be used as a follow-up after a member has discussed CAHN with a fellow nurse. Download the Invitation to join CAHN here.

The new Member Exit Survey will be launched in the upcoming weeks. If you were a CAHN member in 2019 and have not renewed for 2020, please expect to receive an email inviting you to complete this survey.

Updated Standards and Competencies

CAHN’s Standards and Competencies committee were hard at work in 2019, updating the Hepatology Standards, and the Cirrhosis and Viral Hepatitis Competencies. Updated documents are linked below and can be found on the CAHN website. Thank you to all our volunteers!

Hepatology Standards (2019)

Cirrhosis Competencies (2019)

Viral Hepatitis Competencies (2019)

2020 Canadian Liver Meeting Recap

The Canadian Liver Meeting, held in Montreal Feb 27-Mar 1, 2020, is a unique collaborative meeting of the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL), the Canadian Network on Hepatitis C (CanHepC) and the Canadian Association of Hepatology Nurses (CAHN). It provides an incredible opportunity for our colleagues to share what is happening in the field of liver health through various liver focused organizations.

Click Here to read more about the 2020 CLM!

Visit the CAHN website to view the full photo gallery and find links to the nurse program presentations.

Meet the New Executive Team

We wish to extend a warm welcome to our new executive team. There’s been an exciting increase in volunteers from the membership that is surely the result of the hard work and dedication from our existing and outgoing team. If you would like to get involved please contact

Leeya Brind’Amour, New CAHN Board of Director - 
Leeya has been nursing for 30 years in a rural centre with a critical care background. The last 14 years she has been in the Liver Clinic in Nelson BC. She has two children and will be married 25 years this year. Leeya enjoys biking going to the gym, reading and cooking.

Dennaye Fuchs, New CAHN Board of Director – With over 10 years of nursing experience, Dennaye began her specialized work in Hepatitis C and HIV as a Clinical Research Nurse in the Regina Infectious Diseases Clinic in 2016. Since that time, she has worked as a Hepatitis C Nurse serving southern Saskatchewan in a variety of settings, including provincial corrections, outpatient clinics, and outreach.  Dennaye has been involved in the development and management of a variety of HCV micro-elimination projects that focus on the diagnosis and treatment of HCV individuals who inject drugs.

Dimitriana Kuzyk-Bernier, New Board of Director

Rozalyn Milne, New Conference Co-Chair – Rozalyn is a nurse clinician in a community health centre in Victoria, BC where she and her team provide HCV care in the context of primary care. Rozalyn is passionate about addressing health inequities for vulnerable people (substance users’ health, STBBI, chronic disease management, women’s health, mental illness etc). She also has a strong interest in ensuring clinical practise and academic work inform one another and in the end, improve the care provided.

Welcome Back

Welcome back, Anna DeWolff, CAHN Membership Chair, and Lesley Gallagher, CAHN Vice President for another term! And, thank you, Mary Guyton for taking on the new role as Special Projects Chair.

A big thank you to our out-going team:

Carol Dupasquier, CAHN Board of Director – Carol worked with Mary to create and launch the International Presentation Travel Grant. As well, she helped lead the way for the updated Standards and Competencies, fine-tune CAHN’s Investment Policy and provided steady, impactful, critical thinking to many decision-making discussions.

Mary Guyton, CAHN Board of Director – Mary embraced many challenges during her two-year term. She added a nurse voice to the Blueprint, to refined CAHN’s executive role descriptions, updated numerous policies, and worked with Carol Dupasquier to create our new International Presentation Travel Grant.

Liza Abraham, CAHN Board of Director – Liza volunteered to work with the Blueprint, adding her nurse perspective. She also helped to revamp CAHN’s award categories for a broader, warmer reach and managed CAHN’s social media sites helping to grow CAHN’s reach and engage members.

Mia Biondi, Conference Co-Chair – Mia worked with her partnering Co-Chairs to produce the 2019 and 2020 nurse programs at the Canadian Liver Meeting. Well done, Mia!

Congratulations to our Award Recipients!

Recognition for Innovation & Inspiration Wendy Schaufert!

Wendy’s NAFLD/NASH program in Calgary motivated this nomination.  She was involved in the start-up of the Low-Risk NAFLD clinic at South Health Campus.  Her passion and dedication in managing this multidisciplinary, holistic approach to treatment shine through, as many of you witnessed during her presentation at this year’s CLM.  It truly is an exemplar of nurse innovation, leadership and putting the patient first.

Prior to this, Wendy was a key player in the successful opening of a new Endoscopy unit, at a brand-new hospital.  The pattern of innovation and inspiration shown by Wendy in her 33 years as a Registered Nurse more than qualifies her for this very deserving recognition.

Recognition of Exceptional Contribution to Hepatology Nursing – Diane Perreault!

It is fitting that we recognize Diane for her exceptional contribution to Hepatology nursing here in Montreal.  She is a well-known leader and role model for hepatology nurses in Quebec, where she’s been involved in organizing the annual symposium, and as a nurse expert with the National Mentorship Program on HIV and Hepatitis which aims to improve accessibility, quality and continuity of care and continuous high-quality training for the health professionals treating patients living with these viruses.

Diane sat on CAHN’s Board of Directors and acted as CAHN’s champion in Quebec.  She represents the voices of her peers and translates for them.  She is an essential link to our bi-lingual members.

Looking Forward Survey

Those who attended the 2020 Annual General Meeting received a survey asking for member input on the direction of CAHN’s National Conference. For those who were unable to attend, the survey will be sent to you through email in the next few days. Member feedback will be highly influential in making pivotal decisions to come.

Global Hepatitis Summit

ISVHLD GHS 2020 Date Remains Unchanged.

Coronavirus and ISVHLD sometimes are tied together by fate. In 2003, the Sydney ISVHLD coincided with SARS coronavirus. SARS outbreak began in Feb/Mar, and the Sydney meeting was in mid-June. Despite this, the Sydney meeting proceeded as plan. Sixteen years later, the Taipei ISVHLD symposium meets COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) again. However, the COVID-19 outbreak started from Jan, earlier than SARS; and we are better prepared than 16 years ago.

Therefore, we still commit to the ISVHLD GHS 2020, and we hereby announce that our conference schedule, which is going to be held from June 18 to 21, 2020, remains unchanged. It is our sincere hope that the situation of the outbreak could be mitigated soon and that the holding of ISVHLD GHS 2020 should process smoothly. We thank you for your support of ISVHLD GHS 2020.

We will continue to keep keen observation on the updates of the pandemic and will update our announcement if further changes in the conference schedule are made. For the latest information about COVID-19 in Taiwan, please visit Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.

Would you like a liver model?

Merck has generously offered to donate liver models to CAHN nurses. If you would like one please contact

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