Anna DeWolff

Membership & Communications Chair

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2021 Member Benefits:

The following three new Reimbursement Benefits are being made available to members in 2021 as a temporary replacement of the Conference Travel Reimbursement Benefit while travel and gathering restrictions are currently in place due to COVID-19.  Click here for eligibility requirements.

  1. Canadian Association of the Study of the Liver (CASL) Membership Fee Reimbursement – CAHN will reimburse 100% of the membership fee to join the Canadian Association of the Study of the Liver at the reduced CAHN member rate of $200. Click here to learn the benefits of a CASL membership. 
  2. Canadian Liver Meeting Registration Fee Reimbursement – CAHN will reimburse 100% of the registration fee to attend the 2021 Canadian Liver Meeting.  Total reimbursement is $50 for joint CAHN/CASL members or $200 for CAHN members who are not CASL members.  Click here for more information on the CLM.
  3. Non- CAHN Virtual Event Registration Reimbursement – CAHN will reimburse 50% of the registration fee of a virtual educational event up to $100.

All CAHN members also receive:

Please read this important information!

CAHN’s memberships are for the calendar year (not 12 months).  For example, if you became a member between January 1 and November 30, 2021, you are considered a member for the entire year of 2021.  Memberships purchased after November 30 will automatically be allocated to the following year.

RENEWALS: Renewal notices are sent on October 24 of each year and are due on January 15.  Members who join between October 24 and November 30 will receive an immediate renewal notice for the following year.

If your membership lapses, you may re-join anytime using the form on this page.