Definitions and Brief History

Canadian Association for Study of the Liver (CASL) – member association including hepatologists, gastroenterologists, pathologists, pediatricians, radiologists, scientists, surgeons, nurses, trainees and other interested people.

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) – member association including gastroenterologists, surgeons, pediatricians, basic scientists and nurses.

CanHepC – a collaborative research network linking researchers, trainees, knowledge-users in the field of Hepatitis C (HCV) from across Canada.

National Conference – CAHN’s main annual educational event.  The conference where the AGM is held.

The Canadian Digestive Disease Week (CDDW) – A week of education produced by the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG).  For a few years, CAHN’s National Conference was at CDDW.  During this time, CDDW was a collaboration of CAG and CASL, with CAHN as CASL’s affiliate.  CASL was supportive of CAHN’s involvement; CAG was not.  2017 was a disappointing year for CAHN, having no visibility at the CDDW meeting.  After the 2017 CDDW, CAG decided to no longer work with CAHN resulting in CASL choosing to leave CDDW as well.  In 2018 CAHN joined CASL and CanHepC to form the Canadian Liver Meeting (CLM).

The Canadian Liver Meeting (CLM) – The CLM has been CAHN’s National Conference for the past three years (2018, 2019, & 2020) and will be in 2021.  CLM is a collaboration of CASL/CAHN/CanHepC.

Sponsorship – CLM sponsorship is a collective ask from CASL/CAHN/CanHepC; these funds are managed by CASL.  CAHN asks for a separate sponsorship for organizing our regional events.

What’s on the Table

CAG would like CASL to rejoin CDDW after 2021.  There is support within CASL to continue the partnership with CAHN and CanHepC (to produce the CLM).  There is also support within CASL to collaborate with CDDW, and if they do, CAHN’s approach to planning the National Conference will change. These are the two options CASL has put forth to their board.

  1. CASL rejoining CDDW with the following non-negotiable requirements:
    • Affiliates are welcome (CAHN and CanHepC)
    • CASL’s sponsorship request remains separate from CAG’s
    • Autonomy to choose topics and high-level liver content
  2. CASL continues producing the CLM with CAHN and CanHepC.  CASL may support CDDW in another way such as sending expert speakers.

Although CASL’s decision is ultimately up to their board, CAHN has an opportunity to influence their decision.  Complete the Questionnaire to have your voice heard.