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2023 Canadian Liver Meeting Registration + CAHNference 2022 Summary

The 2023 Canadian Liver Meeting is to take place March 3-5, 2023 in Halifax, NS. We look forward to inviting all our members to attend this in person event. 

About CLM 2023

The 2022 Canadian Liver Meeting (CLM) is a collaborative effort between CAHN and our partners, the Study of the Liver (CASL), the Canadian Network on Hepatitis C (CanHepC),  and the Canadian NASH Network (CanNASH). This year, the CLM is a joint meeting with Canadian Digestive Diseases Week™. This means that delegates may choose to engage with content from two distinct conferences – CDDW™ and CLM. CDDW begins February 28.  

CAHN’s program is to take place on Saturday, March 4. There will be no in-person CAHN Annual General Meeting at CLM 2023; however, members, MUST attend CAHN’s 2023 virtual AGM to qualify for all travel reimbursements offered in 2023. The date of the AGM will announced early in the new year.

CAHN CLM Program

Topics and speakers are currently being planned and are subject to change.

Managing fatigue, cramps, itch, sleep, and sex by Dr. Elliot Tapper, Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System, Gastroenterology Section, Chicago, IL

HBV history (etiology, Dx, Tx, management) by Colina Yim, NP, Toronto Centre for Liver Disease, University Health Network, Toronto, ON

Hepatitis B: Case Study by Colina Yim, NP, Toronto Centre for Liver Disease, University Health Network, Toronto, ON and Dr. Carla Coffin, Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary, AB

Further conversations around Harm Reduction and Safe Supply” by Marysia (Mish) Waraksa, NP, Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre, Toronto, ON

Persons Who Inject Drugs by Bernadette Lettner, RN, Toronto Community Hep C Program, Toronto, ON

Annual Debate – Debate is To B or not to B: A Question around Simplifying HBV Care by Dr. Edward Tam, MD, FRCPC, Pacific Gastroenterology Associates, Vancouver, BC  vs. Dr. David K H Wong, MD, FRCPC,  Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, Toronto, ON

CAHN Networking 


CAHN members and Friends of CAHN may register for the CLM portion of the meeting (March 3-5) at the early-bird rate of $75 until December 15, 2022 or from December 16 until February 22 for $125. There are many registration options. Please see for more information. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions. 

Step 1) Join or renew CAHN at CAHN’s membership fee is $75. 

Step 2) Choose which parts of the meeting you would like to attend and which hotel you would like to stay with at

**CAHN member accommodation reimbursement rate is $199 + tax.

Step 3) Register for the meeting at

Please send any questions regarding registration options to [email protected].

CanHepC’s 11th Canadian Symposium on HCV and CanNash’s Symposium will both take place on Friday, May 13. The CLM Opening is Friday at 5:00 PM EST with CASL and CAHN’s programs beginning Saturday morning, ending Sunday at 1:00 PM EST.

CAHNference 2022 Highlights

The 3rd annual CAHNference was November 19 in Vancouver. It was the first hybrid event we have ever held, with about 80 attendees joining us in Vancouver. The theme of this year’s CAHNference was that “we are still standing” – and everyone’s attendance indeed showed that. The CAHNference kicked off Friday with a collaborative networking and dinner event with INHSU following their HCV Intervention Implementation Symposium. This triggered some riveting discussion among allied health providers and peer workers that continued throughout the weekend. The dinner presentation by Dr. Ed Tam was an engaging story of the history of hepatology with some audience participation on thoughts on where we are going in the next few years. Dr. Tam weaved in his personal history with hepatology and his long-standing connection with CAHN.

Saturday began with a keynote speaker from Calgary, Dr. Monty Ghosh, on addiction as a brain disease and how we can build greater capacity in this population. He gave us food for thought as we continue to find ways to engage this population in care. Colina Yim and Kellie Guarasci gave a whirlwind global meeting update summarizing highlights for our nurses by our fellow nurse colleagues. I’m still wondering how they managed to cram so much information into the time provided! We then heard from CAHN nurses – Julie Germain, Lisa Douglas and Sarah DeCoutere on three separate case studies and how they worked through each. Member Case Studies prove to be a CAHNference favourite every year. We strongly encourage members to step up and share their work!

The afternoon started with an interactive presentation highlighting motivational interviewing with Liam Reynolds, a social worker from Ottawa. Healthcare professionals often use this technique without knowing it; however, if we are more aware, we can continue to hone in on our patients to motivate them to make behaviour changes. The afternoon also highlighted an end-stage liver disease portion on the multidisciplinary model of care in Victoria, BC, for decompensated liver disease, presented by Rozalyn Milne, followed by Susan Allen from the other coast on optimizing patients for a liver transplant.

Thank you to our attendees and sponsors that helped make this year’s CAHNference happen. Reflecting on the weekend, I am fortunate to be amongst such a vibrant membership that thrives on collaboration. It is essential to recognize that most of the content from CAHNference was produced directly by our members, for our members. Please continue to provide feedback either formally or informally so we can continue to provide quality education and meet your learning needs. See you next year!

CAHNference 2022 Photo Gallery

The forth and final edition of CAHN’s 2022 Cirrhosis Series, Approaches To Hepatocellular Carcinoma Monitoring And Assessment by Lisa Douglas, NP, is now available on demand for CAHN Members and Friends of CAHN.

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CAHNs 2023 Annual General Meeting

CAHN’s 2023 AGM will take place virtually sometime in the early spring. Stay tuned for date the announcement. 

Full (from the start to the end of the meeting) attendance at CAHN’s Annual General Meeting is required for all reimbursement benefits in 2023.

2023 Executive and Board Nominations

CAHN will elect four Board of Directors at the 2023 AGM. The Board will then appoint Chairs for Standards and Competencies, Special Projects, Regional Events, Education and National Conference Planning (CLM). If you are interested in becoming involved, please reach out to [email protected].

Stay tuned for more information in the new year.

Early bird deadline: February 15, 2023

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