Award & Recognition Criteria

Thank you for your interest in nominating a fellow member for recognition! Please view the award/recognition categories below. Each category is followed by the criteria a member would meet to be eligible.

Acknowledgment of Retiring or Leaving Hepatology

(multiple acknowledgments allowed).

Presented to a CAHN member who is either retiring or leaving the hepatology specialty area; or who retired or moved after the previous year’s AGM without receiving an acknowledgement.

Rising Star Award

(1 recipient per year).

Presented to a CAHN member who in a short time has been able to demonstrate an exceptional contribution to Hepatology nursing.

Do you have a new nursing colleague who is doing excellent work? This award is a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate our up and comers!


  • Novice in the Hepatology field (<3 years)
  • Demonstrates commitment to Hepatology nursing
  • Leadership qualities evident
  • Strong evidence-based practice reflecting CAHN competencies and standards
  • Must not be a current CAHN executive or board member

Distinguished Service Award

(multiple recipients allowed).

Presented to a CAHN member who has contributed significantly to CAHN as an organization

CAHN needs a way to acknowledge and thank members who have worked diligently to make the organization as strong and vibrant as it is today. This award gives us a wonderful vehicle to recognize those nurses as they leave CAHN service.


  • Significant contribution to CAHN (e.g. committee work; executive role/s or other involvement beyond basic membership)
  • Long term (>6 years) of Executive or Committee membership
  • Shall be awarded to past Presidents, regardless of their length of service
  • Members may not receive this award more than once

Lifetime Achievement Award

(multiple recipients allowed).

Presented to a CAHN member at the end of their career in Hepatology

This award is a way for CAHN to show our deep appreciation for outstanding colleagues who have “lit the way” for Hepatology nursing and are leaving the profession or the field.


  • Retiring from nursing or leaving the field of Hepatology
  • Longstanding engagement with CAHN
  • Has made a significant impact on Hepatology nursing over the course of their career
  • Contribution or recognition at a national or international level
  • Must not be a current CAHN executive or board member

Awards of Innovation & Inspiration

(up to 3 recipients per year).

Presented to a CAHN member or a multidisciplinary team containing at least one CAHN member

Do you know of a visionary nurse or team who is doing something novel or “working out of the box” in some creative way to improve Hepatology care? They may have helped to grow a unique partnership; they may be the driving force behind an amazing event or initiative; they may have developed a creative education tool, or otherwise been a catalyst for change in some way. This is a great way to recognize and thank your colleagues for inspiring us all!


  • Demonstrated evidence of creative, innovative or unique approach to Hepatology work
  • Must not be a current CAHN executive or board member

Exceptional Contribution to Hepatology Nursing Award

(1 recipient per year).

Presented to a CAHN member who has made an exceptional contribution to the Hepatology field through their clinical work, education, leadership or research

Do you know an amazing individual nurse who has gone above and beyond to make the field of Hepatology nursing better? Have they contributed, led, educated, or otherwise inspired their peers to grow and improve their practice? This is your “Nurse of the Year” candidate! Consider nominating them for this very special recognition from CAHN!


  • Outstanding contribution to the growth of Hepatology nursing
  • Demonstrates an expert level of competence in the domains of clinical practice, research, education or leadership
  • Recognition of contribution outside the domain of the member’s immediate practice environment; increases awareness of the Hepatology nursing role
  • Advances and promotes Hepatology nursing through their work
  • Must not be a current CAHN executive or board member