Mission, Vision & Beliefs

CAHN is a national professional organization that represents and supports hepatology nurses across Canada.  We promote leadership, clinical practice, education, and research in hepatology nursing.

Hepatology nursing is a specialized area of client-centered nursing that focuses on the promotion of liver health, prevention of illness, and the care of clients. Since most liver diseases are chronic in nature, hepatology nursing practice promotes self-care, advocates for resources and supports the client through the illness experience.

Client populations within the care of this specialty are influenced by the social determinants of health and may include marginalized groups such as injection drug users, the homeless, immigrants, and aboriginals.  Clients that are marginalized should have equal access to fair and just care.

The advancement of hepatology nursing requires evidence-based practice, critical thinking, and life-long learning. Hepatology nursing uses research, theory, and experiential knowledge from nursing and other disciplines to provide evidence-based practice.

As a result of our vision, mission and beliefs, CAHN:

  • Shares information for the mutual benefit of members
  • Promotes and provides educational opportunities for clients and professionals in hepatology
  • Supports a collaborative professional practice environment
  • Maintains and improves the standards of practice of hepatology nurses
  • Advocates to achieve improvements in the social determinants of health

2019 Executive Team

Become Part of the Executive Team

Nominate yourself or a nurse you know to sit on CAHN’s Board of Directors or to serve as CAHN’s President.  Nominees will be elected by majority membership vote at the 2020 AGM.  CAHN is also taking nominations for Vice President, Membership, and Conference Co-Chair to be appointed by the Board of Directors at the March 2020 BOD meeting.  Each position is a two-year term. Our volunteers are currently working to update the role descriptions and responsibilities for each of these positions.  In the meantime, please contact admin@cahn.ca with any question.

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