2023 Canadian Liver Meeting

This year’s conference took place in beautiful Halifax with educational programmes and symposiums through collaborative and joint efforts between the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology and the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in content from both associations while networking within a diverse community to exchange knowledge, ultimately improving the quality of life among people affected by liver and GI-related diseases.

CAHN started the 2023 session on Saturday morning with the Keynote speaker, Dr. Elliot Tapper, who presented an engaging and insightful talk on liver cirrhosis, including managing specific clinical manifestations.

The second session in CAHN’s program featured Hepatitis B, presented by Colina Yim, NP, with a thorough overview including epidemiology, pathophysiology, surveillance management and treatment, followed by an interactive case study presented by Dr. Carla Coffin and Colina Yim, NP.

Our afternoon session highlighted the topic of substance use in two parts: beginning with an in-depth presentation given by Marysia (Mish) Waraksa, NP, who provided in-depth Canadian data on drug toxicity and access to safer supply for people at risk of overdosing and the other by Bernadette Lettner, RN, who enlightened us on fostering cultural awareness and humility to provide a holistic approach to care for people with substance use disorder.

To cap off CAHN’s program, our highly anticipated annual debate between Dr. David Wong, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto/University Health Network vs. Dr. Edward Tam, Clinical Hepatologist, Pacific Gastroenterology Associates, Vancouver, BC – To B or not to B: A Question around Simplifying HBV care. The debate was well attended, with compelling and informative arguments from both sides.