About Us

About Us


The promotion of leadership, clinical practice, education and research in hepatology nursing.


CAHN is a national professional organization that represents and supports nurses across Canada who practice in hepatology.


Beliefs about Hepatology Nursing:
  • Hepatology nursing is a specialized area of nursing that has its focus on promotion of liver health, prevention of illness, and the care of clients experiencing liver related health problems and disorders. This specialty addresses a variety of diseases and disorders of the liver including viral, genetic, and metabolic.
  • Hepatology nursing is client-centered and is accountable for individual and collaborative practice. Nursing roles in this specialty include direct clinical practice, education, research, and leadership.
  • Hepatology nursing client populations within the care of this specialty are influenced by the social determinants of health and may include marginalized groups such injection drug users, the homeless, immigrants and aboriginals. Clients that are marginalized should have equal access to fair and just care.
  • Hepatology nursing provides services across the client care continuum from prevention to palliation (i.e., primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary).
  • Since most liver diseases are chronic in nature, hepatology nursing practice promotes self-care, advocates for resources and supports the client through the illness experience.
  • The advancement of hepatology nursing requires evidence-based practice, critical thinking and life-long learning. Hepatology nursing is responsible for promoting evidence and theory based practice to enhance knowledge and skill development within the specialty
  • Hepatology nursing uses research, theory, experiential knowledge from nursing and other disciplines to provide evidence-based practice.

As a result of our vision, mission and beliefs, CAHN:

  • Shares information for the mutual benefit of members
  • Promotes and provides educational opportunities for clients and professionals in hepatology
  • Supports a collaborative professional practice environment
  • Maintains and improves the standards of practice of hepatology nurses
  • Advocates to achieve improvements in the social determinants of health


  • CAHN has established Hepatology Nursing Standards of Practice
  • Annual national education conference
  • Partnership with many public and private organizations. (i.e.Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), Canadian Association for the Study of Liver Disease (CASL), Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF)
  • Produced educational materials
  • Developed a membership newsletter and website